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What does United Indian Muslim Association do?

United Indian Muslim Association (UIMA) is a charitable organization dedicated to helping underprivileged individuals and communities in Singapore thrive. Through their annual Bursary Program, UIMA supports over 600 students from needy families, promoting education and philanthropy within the community.




mohamed eqbal s/o mohd yasin, shahul hameed b mohd yusoff, seyadouzghanguire, kothari shah s/o ibrahim, farihullah s/o abdul wahab safiullah, shaik kather s/o abdul rahim, mohamed hanifah b meera maideen, mohamed amin s/o mohamed kassim


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  • Registered Charity
  • Established since 2008
  • Published yearly Annual Reports

Society Impact

  • Provides financial assistance to over 600 students from needy families each year, helping them access education and improve their future prospects.
  • Contributes to a more educated and skilled workforce in Singapore by supporting underprivileged individuals' educational pursuits.
  • Promotes social mobility and equality by reducing financial barriers that prevent low-income students from accessing quality education.
  • Strengthens the community by fostering connections between different socioeconomic groups, promoting understanding and empathy among diverse populations.
  • Contributes to Singapore's overall economic development by investing in human capital through education and skills training for underprivileged individuals.