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What does Young Life do?

Young Life is a charitable organization dedicated to promoting an evangelistic Christian testimony among adolescents through various means, including neighborhood meetings, camping programs, field trips, seminars, and community projects. Their mission is to walk alongside teenagers and share their life and Jesus Christ with them, helping children develop the skills, assets, and attitudes needed to reach their God-given potential in life.




entwistle lorrance brooks, manwin singh sidhu, james chiun-chai chie, shaun thompson, nambi jayaprakash viswalingam




  • Registered Charity
  • Established since 2006
  • Published yearly Annual Reports

Society Impact

  • Promoting Christian values and spiritual growth among adolescents, helping them develop a strong moral compass and sense of purpose.
  • Introducing the gospel to unchurched and ex-churched young people, providing an opportunity for them to learn about Jesus Christ and potentially find faith.
  • Encouraging consistent Christian values and activities among committed youth, fostering a community of like-minded individuals who support each other in their spiritual journeys.
  • Providing opportunities for personal development through neighborhood meetings, camping programs, field trips, seminars, and community projects, helping young people gain life skills and build self-confidence.
  • Contributing to the overall well-being of society by guiding youth towards a path of positive values, responsible behavior, and service to others.