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What does Youth With A Mission Training Centre do?

Youth With A Mission Training Centre (YWAM) is dedicated to raising a harvest force for missions into Asia through training and equipping missionaries. Founded on biblical principles, YWAM offers courses accredited by the University of the Nations (U of N), providing spiritual, cultural, intellectual, and professional training. The U of N's modular system includes 12 weeks of classroom coursework with some requiring field internships or assignments in their area of study. Key features include a live-learn lifestyle, one-on-one staff-student interaction, cross-cultural and multicultural training, and an emphasis on serving all spheres of society worldwide as "salt" and "light." YWAM equips students to think biblically, discern spiritually, and apply scriptural truth in every aspect of life




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  • Registered Charity
  • Established since 1997
  • Published yearly Annual Reports

Society Impact

  • Promoting global missions: YWAM trains individuals to become missionaries and serve in all spheres of society, spreading Christian values worldwide.
  • Building a harvest force for Asia: YWAM's vision is to raise a dedicated group of Christians who can effectively reach out to the people of Asia with the Gospel message.
  • Strengthening local churches and organizations: By providing training and equipping missionaries, YWAM supports Singaporean Christian churches and organizations in their efforts to spread the gospel locally and globally.
  • Encouraging cross-cultural understanding: Through its diverse student body and international focus, YWAM fosters an environment of cultural exchange and mutual learning among students from different backgrounds.
  • Providing biblical education: The University of the Nations (Uo

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