Arya Samaj Singapore

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What does Arya Samaj Singapore do?

Arya Samaj Singapore is a charitable organization dedicated to promoting physical, spiritual and social well-being through various activities and initiatives. Their primary objectives include preaching the teachings of Holy Vedas, fostering brotherly feelings among communities, performing religious ceremonies according to Vedic teachings, alleviating distress among families, participating in charitable work, establishing and maintaining schools for moral, intellectual and physical education, and doing all lawful things that would be conducive to the attainment of their objectives. Their vision is to do good for all by promoting well-being and adhering to the 6th Vedic Principle.




jhaghru yadeo ramsing, ashok rai s/o ram awadh rai, anil kumar s/o vijai narain, inder bhushan rai, rajesh rai, b ram nangina, ajit kumar s/o kedarnath, shashi rai, prem prakash, karm chand panday


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  • Registered Charity
  • Established since 1985
  • Published yearly Annual Reports

Society Impact

  • Promotion of Vedic teachings and principles, fostering a sense of community and brotherhood among members and non-members alike.
  • Conducting religious ceremonies according to Vedic traditions, providing spiritual guidance and support for the community.
  • Providing assistance to families in need, both within and outside the organization, demonstrating compassion and care for those less fortunate.
  • Engaging in charitable activities in Singapore, either individually or collaboratively with other organizations, addressing various social issues and contributing to the overall well-being of society.
  • Establishment, maintenance, and improvement of educational institutions in Singapore, focusing on moral, intellectual, and physical development for students, as well as promoting Arya students from local schools.
  • Organizing various events, workshops,

Donation Income

Program Expense Ratio

This is the percentage of the charity's total expenses that are spent on its core programs. A higher percentage suggests that more money is going directly to the cause, rather than being spent on administrative or fundraising expenses.