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What does iC2 PrepHouse Limited do?

iC2 PrepHouse Limited is a charity organization that provides specialized support and resources for children with visual impairments, offering counseling, assessments, and guidance from trained vision teachers to help them live confidently and independently.




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  • Donations are tax-deductible
  • Registered Charity
  • Established since 2012
  • Published yearly Annual Reports
  • Audited Financial Statements

Society Impact

  • Improved quality of life for children with visual impairments by providing specialized support and resources to meet their unique needs.
  • Empowerment of individuals with visual impairments, enabling them to live confidently and independently through educational, habilitative, and rehabilitative programs.
  • Enriched lives and stronger family bonds as parents and families gain understanding and coping strategies for their children's changing needs.
  • Increased awareness among the general public about visual impairments and the importance of early intervention and specialized care.
  • Collaboration with medical professionals, schools, and other organizations to ensure comprehensive support services for individuals with visual impairments.
  • Contributions to research and development in the field of vision rehabilitation through partnerships with local

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