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What does Make-A-Wish Foundation (Singapore) Ltd do?

Make-A-Wish Foundation Singapore grants life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses, aged 3-18 years old. Our mission is to enrich their lives with hope, strength and joy through unique wish experiences.




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Health & WellnessChildren


  • Donations are tax-deductible
  • Registered Charity
  • Established since 2002
  • Published yearly Annual Reports

Society Impact

  • Improving mental health and wellbeing: Granting wishes provides a sense of hope, joy, and strength to children with critical illnesses, enhancing their mental health and overall wellbeing.
  • Strengthening family bonds: The wish experience brings families together, fostering stronger relationships and creating lasting memories that can help them cope with the challenges of a child's illness.
  • Inspiring hope and resilience: By making dreams come true, Make-A-Wish inspires children to fight their illnesses with renewed hope and determination, potentially leading to better health outcomes.
  • Promoting community engagement: The organization encourages volunteerism and donations from the public, fostering a sense of social responsibility and unity among Singaporeans.

Donation Income

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