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What does Motor Sports Singapore do?

Motor Sports Singapore is a charity organization that promotes, encourages, and develops motor sports in Singapore. They aim to administer and govern motor sports events while organizing or participating in various competitions both locally and internationally. The organization also focuses on raising funds for the promotion of motor sports and nurturing young talents in this field. Their vision is towards excellence in motor sports, with a three-pronged approach that includes developing competitive, recreational, and spectator aspects. Motor Sports Singapore strives to strengthen its reputation as an authority on motor sports governance while establishing itself as a knowledge center for leading practices in this field. They aim to increase public awareness and participation in motor sports through collaborations with schools and community organizations, organizing regular events for the general public, and identifying and nurturing young Singaporean talent.




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  • Registered Charity
  • Established since 2011
  • Published yearly Annual Reports

Society Impact

  • Promotion, encouragement, and development of motor sports in Singapore
  • Administration and governance of motor sports events, both nationally and internationally
  • Organization or participation in local and international motor sports events
  • Representing Singapore in international motor sports events under the banner of Team Singapore Motorsports
  • Raising funds for the promotion, development, management, and control of motor sports
  • Purchase, lease, or acquisition of lands and buildings for use by the Association
  • Nurturing local talent in all three disciplines of motor sports (competitive, recreational, spectator)
  • Strengthening Motor Sports Singapore's reputation as a leading authority on motor sports governance in Singapore
  • Establishing Motor Sports Singapore as a knowledge center for best practices in the field
  • Increasing participation in motor sports activities at all levels and generating