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What does Abundant Grace Presbyterian Church do?

Abundant Grace Presbyterian Church is a charity that preaches Christian doctrine, practices Christian life and extends God's kingdom on earth through mission, evangelism, community services, training & discipleship, worship & prayer.




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  • Registered Charity
  • Established since 1989
  • Published yearly Annual Reports

Society Impact

  • Promotes Christian values and teachings, contributing to a more religiously diverse society.
  • Provides community services such as Children's Sunday School, English Sunday School, Lunch, Choir, etc., which can foster social connections among members of the congregation and with their local community.
  • Offers training and discipleship programs that help individuals develop a deeper understanding of Christian doctrine and practice, potentially leading to personal growth and spiritual development.
  • Encourages evangelism and mission work both within its own church and in the wider world, contributing to global efforts to spread the gospel message and extend God's kingdom on earth.
  • Worship and prayer services provide a space for individuals to express their faith and seek guidance from God, potentially providing emotional support and spiritual comfort to those who attend.

Donation Income

Program Expense Ratio

This is the percentage of the charity's total expenses that are spent on its core programs. A higher percentage suggests that more money is going directly to the cause, rather than being spent on administrative or fundraising expenses.