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What does Christian Disciples Church do?

Christian Disciples Church is a global fellowship of churches that preaches the Gospel worldwide. They emphasize Biblical monotheism, total commitment to Yahweh and Jesus Christ, making disciples in all nations, adhering to Scripture alone (sola scriptura), and rejecting materialistic focus on money. Their mission is to fulfill the New Testament commission while extending fellowship to like-minded people globally.




lim lucy, tung pik yin, long siew chen, tan boon siew, tan chee kiang, wee poh lan susie, lee hwee ang, adi pramoko fenny, teo guan seong paul, ye poh choo


No PovertyHealth & Wellness


  • Registered Charity
  • Established since 1989
  • Published yearly Annual Reports

Society Impact

  • Promotes Biblical monotheism and proclamation of Yahweh as the only true God and Jesus Christ as the Son of God.
  • Encourages total commitment to Yahweh and Jesus Christ, fulfilling the New Testament commission of making disciples of all nations.
  • Adheres unconditionally to the principle of sola Scriptura (Scripture alone) in a way that makes them conscience-bound to cast aside all preconceived Christian notions and hallowed human traditions if they are out of alignment with Scriptural teaching.
  • Rejects materialism and focus on money that has pervaded much of Christianity today, emphasizing spiritual growth over financial gain.
  • Extends a hand of fellowship to like-minded people all over the world, fostering global unity among believers