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What does Hwa Yen Buddhist Society do?

Hwa Yen Buddhist Society is a charitable organization dedicated to promoting giving, compassion and kindness through various philanthropic initiatives. Their mission focuses on helping those in need and fostering a sense of community by providing resources for education, healthcare, social welfare, and cultural preservation.




lim ming hock, low ah buay, dom ngoh, jennifer tee, wong mei lang, teng siew kien, liou guey-ing @ ming-jin, loh mui heng, tan bee choo, brenda woo


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  • Registered Charity
  • Established since 2005
  • Published yearly Annual Reports

Society Impact

  • Promoting spiritual growth and well-being through meditation, mindfulness practices, and teachings based on Mahayana Buddhism.
  • Providing a supportive community for individuals seeking guidance in their personal development and self-improvement.
  • Encouraging compassionate action towards others by promoting charitable activities such as volunteering, donating to causes, or participating in environmental conservation efforts.
  • Offering educational programs that foster understanding of Buddhist philosophy and its application to daily life.
  • Supporting mental health initiatives through mindfulness practices and stress reduction techniques.
  • Cultivating interfaith dialogue and cooperation, promoting mutual respect among different religious traditions.
  • Contributing to the betterment of society by addressing social issues such as poverty, hom