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What does DI ZANG LIN do?

Di Zang Lin is a Buddhist charity organization dedicated to promoting spiritualism and studying the teachings of Lord Buddha through various activities such as observing rituals, conducting Dharma lessons, actualizing Buddhist teachings in daily life, providing a conducive environment for practice, and supporting other voluntary welfare organizations. The organization's vision is to be a niche Dharma Centre preserving Mahayana traditions while adapting them to modern needs. Its mission is to promote, impart, and observe the teachings of Lord Buddha with the aspiration to help all beings gain enlightenment. Di Zang Lin also engages in charitable works, including supporting three nursing homes in Singapore and serving warm meals to needy residents.




ng xin yi (huang xinyi), ng xin yi (huang xinyi), goh lay ling, goh lay ling, johnson low, seah geok huay, seah geok huay, bobby tan ching leng, bobby tan ching leng, ng kim keat


No PovertyHealth & Wellness


  • Registered Charity
  • Established since 2011
  • Published yearly Annual Reports

Society Impact

  • Promotion of spiritualism and study of Buddha's teachings through Buddhist rituals, lessons, discourses, and daily life practices.
  • Providing a conducive environment for the practice of Dharma.
  • Supporting other voluntary welfare organizations and charities.
  • Preserving Mahayana traditions while adapting them to modern needs.
  • Sharing wisdom from Buddha's teachings with devotees from all walks of life.
  • Providing solace to residents in nursing homes through sustainable involvement.
  • Making a difference in the lives of needy and disadvantaged individuals by serving warm meals.

Donation Income

Program Expense Ratio

This is the percentage of the charity's total expenses that are spent on its core programs. A higher percentage suggests that more money is going directly to the cause, rather than being spent on administrative or fundraising expenses.