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What does Operation Hope Foundation do?

Operation Hope Foundation (OHF) is a charitable organization that focuses on providing aid and support for underprivileged communities in Cambodia and Nepal. Their projects include community development initiatives, such as building shelters and WASH facilities, sponsoring needy children's education, and operating skills training centers for rural youth. They also organize volunteer programs for companies, schools, and other institutions to promote corporate social responsibility and advocacy of welfare causes. In Nepal, OHF rebuilds homes for earthquake-affected villagers, while in Cambodia they operate children's homes providing a safe haven for abandoned and neglected kids with access to education, healthcare, sports, and livelihood skills.




koh bock cheng, kee chin swee, kee yi-wei laura, ling kin yew, paul ng min soon, ong lin


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  • Registered Charity
  • Established since 2001
  • Published yearly Annual Reports

Society Impact

  • Providing shelter and WASH facilities for the poorest communities in Cambodia, improving their living conditions and access to basic necessities.
  • Offering skills training programs for rural youth, enabling them to acquire employable skills and contribute to economic development.
  • Supporting needy children through the Sponsor a Child program, allowing them to attend school and receive education that would otherwise be unavailable to them.
  • Organizing volunteer projects for companies, schools, and other institutions, fostering corporate social responsibility and promoting welfare causes.
  • Rebuilding homes in Nepal for villagers affected by the 2015 earthquake, providing much-needed housing support to those in need.
  • Operating children's homes in both Cambodia and Nepal, offering a safe and nurturing environment

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