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What does The Bible Society of Singapore do?

The Bible Society of Singapore has been spreading God's word since 1837 by making it available, accessible and credible to all peoples. Their mission is to transform lives through various ministries centered around translation, publishing, distribution, literacy, engagement, and advocacy.




tay seng kong louis, ernest chew chin tiong (dr.), lawrence chia hock leong, tan boon yeow, panthradil george samuel, koh hock seng, rev. james seow choon seng, lee soo ann (dr), lee soo jin, lim khay tham


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  • Registered Charity
  • Established since 1985
  • Published yearly Annual Reports

Society Impact

  • Making the Word of God known to all peoples by making it available, accessible, and credible.
  • Transforming lives through the richness of God's Word.
  • Providing translation services for various languages to help people understand and relate to God better.
  • Publishing Bibles and Scriptures at competitive prices, with proceeds supporting global distribution efforts.
  • Distributing Scriptures to those who cannot afford or easily access them through methods like Bible Mission Trips and the Bible Resource Centre.
  • Conducting literacy programs that have a significant impact on many lives and contribute to local collaborations in neighboring countries.
  • Engaging people with the Bible through various activities, such as courses, conferences, Bible Land Tours, NextGen ministries, and ministry to specific language groups.
  • Advocating for the representation of

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