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What does Emmanuel Church of Singapore do?

What does Emmanuel Church of Singapore do? Emmanuel Church of Singapore is a community dedicated to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and fostering a caring, loving environment for its members. Their mission includes building a compassionate outreach program that extends their ministry beyond the church walls, equipping members with comprehensive discipleship programs, and cultivating Christ-like character within their congregation. Emmanuel Church of Singapore is committed to fulfilling God's mission through word-based teachings and spirit-filled worship services.




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No PovertyHealth & Wellness


  • Registered Charity
  • Established since 1985
  • Published yearly Annual Reports

Society Impact

  • Promoting Christian values and principles within the community, contributing to a more moral and ethical society.
  • Providing spiritual guidance and support for individuals seeking personal growth and transformation through Christ-centred teachings.
  • Building a caring and loving community that fosters unity among members, promoting social cohesion and harmony within the church and beyond.
  • Encouraging Christ-like character development in its congregation, inspiring individuals to embody compassionate and selfless values in their daily lives.
  • Offering comprehensive discipleship programs that equip members with a deeper understanding of God's Word and empower them for effective service within the church and community.
  • Engaging in compassionate outreach initiatives, such as charitable activities and social services, to help those in need and