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What does Jesus Lives do?

Jesus Lives is a charity organization dedicated to spreading the Christian faith, propagating the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and providing support for the community in Singapore through various forms of communication including visual, verbal, and written means. They aim to connect with God through evangelism and Sunday services, grow spiritually through sermons and teachings, and serve both God and others through local church ministries.




parameswari d/o thiruselven, jonathan jayakumar s/o n suppaya, christina yanamani d/o moses, sanraj nixon s/o gnanamuthu, alex rajan s/o anthony samy, s tamilchelvan silas, saravanan s/o p. balakrishnan, michael raj, yoon kam hon, kagesri d/o vijayakumar


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  • Registered Charity
  • Established since 1992
  • Published yearly Annual Reports

Society Impact

  • Promotion of religious diversity: By spreading Christian faith, the organization contributes to religious pluralism and tolerance in society.
  • Community engagement: Through various activities such as evangelism, worship services, sermons, teachings, care groups, and charitable work, the charity fosters community involvement and social cohesion.
  • Spiritual growth: The organization provides opportunities for individuals to deepen their spiritual understanding and relationship with God through various forms of communication and learning.
  • Support services: By offering sermons, teachings, care groups, and other resources, the charity may provide emotional support and guidance to those in need, helping them navigate life challenges.
  • Volunteer opportunities: The organization offers a platform for individuals to engage in volunteering activities,

Donation Income

Program Expense Ratio

This is the percentage of the charity's total expenses that are spent on its core programs. A higher percentage suggests that more money is going directly to the cause, rather than being spent on administrative or fundraising expenses.