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What does Kew Ong Yah Temple do?

Kew Ong Yah Temple is a renowned charity organization that focuses on giving and philanthropy, offering assistance to those in need. They provide various forms of aid including food, shelter, education, healthcare, and more. Their mission is to make a positive impact on the community by helping others achieve better lives through their generous donations and volunteer work.




toh gap seng, poh chye hock, lim teck huat, toh khai cheng, lau hock, tan won yong, tan khon hock, yeo lai huat, chan yew sun, lim loong kee


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  • Registered Charity
  • Established since 1996
  • Published yearly Annual Reports

Society Impact

  • Provides a space for spiritual practice and reflection: The temple can serve as a place where individuals can come together to pray, meditate, or engage in other forms of spiritual practice. This can contribute to personal growth and wellbeing among members of the community who participate regularly.
  • Preserves cultural heritage: By maintaining traditional religious practices and rituals, temples like Kew Ong Yah Temple help preserve local culture and traditions for future generations.
  • Promotes social cohesion: Temples often serve as gathering places where people from different backgrounds can come together to share in a common belief or practice. This can foster understanding, tolerance, and unity within the community.
  • Offers educational opportunities: Some