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What does Longxuyan Jinshuiguan Temple do?

Longxuyan Jinshuiguan Temple is a charitable organization dedicated to promoting and maintaining the welfare and popularity of the temple, while preserving traditional Chinese religious beliefs and customs through ceremonies and festivals.




ong hua lam, ong chin aik, ong pang guan, ong guan heng@ong teck chee, ong king sin, ong chin lee, ong boon thong, ong teng cheng, ong tow hoo, ong pang hwee


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  • Registered Charity
  • Established since 1989
  • Published yearly Annual Reports

Society Impact

  • Preservation of cultural heritage: The temple serves as an important site for preserving traditional Chinese religious beliefs and customs, promoting awareness and understanding of these practices.
  • Community engagement: By organizing ceremonies and festivals, the charity fosters a sense of community among local residents and visitors, encouraging social interaction and cooperation.
  • Economic benefits: The temple's popularity can boost tourism in the area, generating income for local businesses and contributing to economic development.
  • Education: The temple provides an educational resource on traditional Chinese religious beliefs and customs, offering opportunities for learning and personal growth.
  • Spiritual wellbeing: For those who practice traditional Chinese religions, the temple serves as a place of worship and spiritual refuge, promoting mental health and