Tuas Pek Kong Keng Management Council

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What does Tuas Pek Kong Keng Management Council do?

Tuas Pek Kong Keng Management Council promotes social welfare and philanthropy, providing facilities for worshippers to jointly worship their God with all members while fostering a close relationship and cooperation among them.




bee hock tong, lim noi sim, lai mai lim, koh ah huat, tan jwee kuang, tan tiang khwang, low chak quee, toh kok hui, ng song, tan suan phang @ tan suan chyang, pbm


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  • Registered Charity
  • Established since 1986
  • Published yearly Annual Reports

Society Impact

  • Promotes religious harmony by providing a space for worshippers to come together and worship peacefully, regardless of their background or beliefs.
  • Fosters community spirit through the participation in social welfare and philanthropic activities, encouraging members to work together towards common goals.
  • Contributes to local economic development by attracting visitors and supporters from various communities, potentially boosting tourism and commerce in the area.
  • Supports vulnerable individuals or groups through charitable initiatives, such as providing food, shelter, education, healthcare services, or financial assistance to those in need.
  • Encourages personal growth and spiritual development among members by offering opportunities for volunteering, leadership roles, and educational programs related to the worship of Tuas Pek Kong.
  • Raises aw