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What does Guan Loong Sheng Temple do?

Guan Loong Sheng Temple is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing assistance and support to those in need, promoting education, healthcare, and community development through various charitable initiatives.




low leak hong, tan kim tea, lim cheng peaw, lee sun tee, lim chin kim, oh kim poy, or kim peow, guan kwang cheng, see chian chong, oh you wei


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  • Registered Charity
  • Established since 1993
  • Published yearly Annual Reports

Society Impact

  • Provides spiritual support and guidance to individuals seeking religious enlightenment or solace, fostering community cohesion and social connection among its followers.
  • Offers various charitable services such as food aid, medical assistance, education programs, and financial aid for the underprivileged, contributing to poverty alleviation and promoting equal opportunities in society.
  • Organizes cultural events and activities that promote traditional Chinese values and customs, preserving cultural heritage and fostering cross-cultural understanding among different communities.
  • Engages volunteers from various backgrounds, providing them with a platform to contribute their skills and time for the betterment of society, promoting social responsibility and community involvement.
  • Collaborates with other charitable organizations or government agencies in addressing societal issues such as pover