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What does Kampong Tengah Thian Hou Keng do?

Kampong Tengah Thian Hou Keng is a charity organization dedicated to providing a place of worship and community gathering spot in Singapore, with a focus on promoting peace, prosperity, and philanthropy among its members. The temple was initially built as a simple wooden structure made of attap for the worship of MAH CHO, the goddess of the sea, who is believed to protect fishermen and bring abundance to their catches. Due to re-settlement requirements by the government in the 80s, the temple had to move to Pulau Ubin temporarily before finding a permanent location where it currently stands today. The construction was made possible through generous contributions from the public, worshippers, and sponsors




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  • Registered Charity
  • Established since 2001
  • Published yearly Annual Reports

Society Impact

  • Preservation and promotion of cultural heritage: The temple serves as a place to preserve and promote the cultural heritage of the fishing community in Seng Kang estate, specifically their beliefs and traditions related to MAH CHO, the goddess of the sea.
  • Community building: The temple provides a gathering space for villagers of all ages to come together, strengthen relationships, share experiences, and contribute ideas towards better managing the temple.
  • Spiritual support: The temple offers a place of worship where people can pray for peace, prosperity, and charity, providing spiritual support to those in need.
  • Social cohesion: The shared belief in MAH CHO has helped build team spirit and cohesiveness within the community, fostering unity among its members.
  • Passing down cultural values