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What does Helpful Care Group do?

Helpful Care Group is dedicated to providing charitable services by offering free food parcels, meals, bags of rice, and other essential items on a monthly basis to those in need, regardless of their race or religion. Our mission includes helping aged individuals, sick, handicapped, disabled persons, orphans, and less fortunate members of society. We strive to provide welfare services to these vulnerable groups across various social welfare institutions in Singapore, including homes for the elderly, sick, and disabled.




tan leong huat, tay wong kin, yeo bee gim helen, tan kar hui, lim poh joo, neoh cheng hock, ng hock chye, aw kee huat, ang goh chuan


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  • Registered Charity
  • Established since 1999
  • Published yearly Annual Reports

Society Impact

  • Improved food security for vulnerable groups, such as the elderly, sick, disabled, and orphans.
  • Enhanced welfare services provided to marginalized communities regardless of race and religion.
  • Support for social welfare institutions in Singapore by providing free bags of rice and food parcels on a monthly basis.
  • Increased accessibility to basic necessities, promoting overall well-being among beneficiaries.
  • Contributions towards reducing poverty and income inequality within the community.
  • Fostering social cohesion by serving individuals from diverse backgrounds without discrimination based on race or religion.