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What does Dong Shan Temple do?

Dong Shan Temple is a renowned non-profit organization dedicated to promoting charitable causes and philanthropy. Their mission is centered around providing aid, support, and resources for those in need, while also fostering spiritual growth and community development.




lim seh hay, toh lian ke, toh ben bock, toh kai teo, ang kim huat, peh ah hui, peck tong meng, neo koon keu, peh thiam cheng, chua kim yock


No PovertyHealth & WellnessChildren


  • Registered Charity
  • Established since 1991
  • Published yearly Annual Reports

Society Impact

  • Provides spiritual guidance and support to individuals seeking religious or philosophical enlightenment, promoting personal growth and wellbeing.
  • Offers educational programs on Buddhist teachings and practices, fostering cultural understanding and appreciation of different belief systems.
  • Facilitates community service projects, encouraging volunteerism and social responsibility among its members and the wider public.
  • Supports local disaster relief efforts, helping to alleviate suffering during times of crisis or natural disasters.
  • Promotes environmental conservation initiatives, raising awareness about sustainable practices and contributing to preserving natural resources for future generations.
  • Serves as a hub for interfaith dialogue and cooperation, fostering mutual respect and understanding among different religious communities.