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What does International Sri Krishna Mandir do?

International Sri Krishna Mandir is a charitable organization dedicated to promoting giving, philanthropy and community service through spiritual practices and teachings based on the Hare Krishna movement.




penumarthi yagnasree tarun, madana mohan das, suriyakanthan s/o rajendra pillai, prakash naiker, biswa bhusan mohanty, narayana rao bangalore venkateshiah, sharvani agrahara prasanna, patil manoj parlhad, govindasamy sundar, kanagavalli parthasarathy



  • Registered Charity
  • Established since 1997
  • Published yearly Annual Reports

Society Impact

  • Provides a community space for religious activities, promoting interfaith dialogue and understanding among different cultural groups in Singapore.
  • Offers spiritual guidance and support to individuals seeking personal growth and self-improvement through the teachings of Lord Krishna.
  • Contributes to local economic development by employing staff and sourcing materials locally for their activities and events.
  • Supports social welfare initiatives, such as providing food assistance or organizing community service projects that benefit underprivileged individuals in Singapore.
  • Encourages volunteerism among its members, fostering a sense of civic engagement and responsibility towards the wider society.
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