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What does Grace (Singapore Chinese Christian) Church, The do?

A Bible-abiding community empowered by the Holy Spirit, striving to glorify God through loving God, others, and making disciples of all nations.




law cham leung alex, lui chi pang, ng wee hua, mui chee yin, tse man hei, yee tong hoi, leung ka hin, cheok ru-sern, poon pui him henry, koh kin teng



  • Registered Charity
  • Established since 1985
  • Published yearly Annual Reports

Society Impact

  • Spreading the Gospel message and promoting religious education to a wider audience, contributing to spiritual growth within the community.
  • Providing support for local charitable causes through donations or volunteer work, improving the quality of life for those in need.
  • Encouraging social interaction among members by organizing various activities and events, fostering a sense of belonging and unity.
  • Offering counseling services to individuals seeking guidance on personal issues or spiritual matters, providing emotional support and mentorship.
  • Promoting moral values and ethical behavior within the community through sermons, teachings, and outreach programs, contributing to a more compassionate society.
  • Acting as a platform for interfaith dialogue and understanding by engaging with other religious communities in Singapore, promoting
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